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DermaD Psoriasis Therapeutic Cream 
is uniquely formulated to relive the following: 

•     Irritation •     Itching •     Redness •     Scaling

Made from a unique blend of therapeutic ingredients and infused with Hemp oil, Amino acid, Omega 3,6,9 and antioxidant Vitamin E. Allows for hydration and softening of the skin leaving it nourished and calm. DermaD Psoriasis Therapeutic Cream Is advisable and suitable for people experiencing a light to medium psoriasis condition. Treatment provides a safe and effective process to relieve and reduce symptoms of areas affected by psoriasis.

Psoriasis Therapeutic Cream Hemp oil infused

$260.00 Regular Price
$251.95Sale Price
2.75 Ounces
  • Although this product is a hypoallergenic and natural, we recommend consulting your doctor if you are concerned.

  • •    Contains Linoleic acid. •    Helps prevent moisture
    loss, dryness and skin
    cracking. •    Rich in Protein and Fatty acids saturated in Omega 3,4,6,9, also rich in
    essential minerals such as: Phosphate,
    Magnesium, Iron and
    Calcium. •    Contains high levels of Vitamins B, Bl, B2, E. •    Has anti-aging
    properties. •    Studies on cannabis oil show that Linoleic acid, found in cannabis oil, 
    can help improve 
    infected skin. •     Contains large amounts of omega 6 and other 
    ingredients that help the skin "breathe and drink".

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